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9 Apr 2020 tại 20:59 The delivery quality was very poor. It's because the delivery man didn't come into the building and he was standing on the big street. I had to go to the big street to pick up the pizza.
12 Nov 2018 tại 0:21 Give me a lot of sauce. please...( tabasco and chilly sauce) thanks.
28 Oct 2018 tại 7:18 Delicious pizza, the large size is definitely worth it, very good
1 Aug 2018 tại 16:57 Dovado will not allow you to order a plain pepperoni pizza. I ordered a cheese and asked to have pepperoni added, which I was happy to pay for. They said no, not our policy. They might be the only pizza place in the world...nevermind
16 Nov 2017 tại 18:59 The meat in bulgogi pizza was so chewy and tough, I had to pick them off to eat the pizza.
21 Aug 2017 tại 22:36 Tuyệt. Nhưng xin cửa hàng nên cũng cấp thêm thia và đũa vì bản thân tôi đag ở ksan
14 Aug 2017 tại 16:32 Delivery took over 1 hour even though I live 5 minutes away. The food was expensive for both quality and quantity. Do not recommend. Pizza was ok but rice and potato dishes were nasty.
4 May 2017 tại 10:15 2 times very disappointed. First time, we ordered M size of pizza but they brought us L size and we had to pay extra for it. The next time, we ordered spicy chicken pizza and they brought us a potato pizza. Please focus on the screen order!
27 Mar 2017 tại 11:28 Tastes good, delivery right on time!
6 Feb 2017 tại 6:17 Tastes goooood!
27 Oct 2016 tại 19:16 I love the potato toppings. I'll definitely order again next time.☺
1 Aug 2016 tại 11:32 My order was messed up so I called and spoke with both Dovado and , they both told me I was wrong and it was unfortunate for me. Unbelievably bad business on both parties. The customer doesn't seem to be important. Just call the restaurant